Friday, 13 January 2012


I have Elastica running round my head

This came out in 1994 and this is the year I got to know a male friend of mine. 

A platonic friendship (although lashings of flirting), I truly love him. He epitomises life and fun.  We lost each other for a while but with the miracle of the internet we have reconnected again.

There is a spark between us that I think once upon a time might have ignited into something else but now it means that the fire of friendship is burning brightly.  

We are both amused to think of the missed opportunity (that ship has well and truly sailed) but whatever might have been would have undoubtedly burned out if we had chosen that path. 

This way we get to be friends forever, and flirt for England x


  1. oh my've made me cry! I feel so happy for you that you managed to reconnect with your friend, because I've had someone that was exactly the same for me. Unfortunately, I think its unlikely that I'd regain my equilivant friend, but well done you, I know that having that person in your life is such a big thing to have!

  2. now elasica is in my brain too...a classic track! I know exactly what you mean and it is so fun to have flirting buddies! I need one around too!! x