Friday, 21 October 2011

The A - Z of me

(Ok so I stole this idea from Faith, Hope & Charity Shopping but thought it might help Little Dotty Bird with the Xmas Swap...)

38 (gulp) but in my head I'm about 23

B-Bed size:
Super King Size (she boasts)

C-Chore that you hate:
I hate ALL chores.  If being a housewife was my actual paid job I would be sacked, I am dreadful.  I particularly hate ironing.

They're OK, but I can get a bit nervous if they bark alot (I was bitten in the mouth when I was about 10 so I guess that's understandable).  I am more of a cat person really.

E-Essential start to your day: 
Shower followed by coffee.  I cannot function without caffeine.

F-Favourite Colour:
Blue, most shades of.  The general consensus is that kind of greeny blue colour is 'my colour'

G-Gold or silver:
Silver, with a doubt.  I love rings, big chunky rings.  I'm not a dainty jewellery kind of girl

5'4" ish

I-Instruments you play:
I started piano lessons when I was about 7 but stopped before taking any exams.  Played the recorder at school, does that count?

J-Job title:
Full time mum, part time book keeper, freelance Production Manager (for TV) - not that I do that much these days as unfortunately TV is not very family friendly, Transcriber (for TV).  Anything that really fits in around the children really.

2 girls aged 6 (very nearly 7) and 3 (nearly 4)

S E London but dream of living at the sea side one day.

M-Mother's name:

N- Nickname
Honeybunch, Han, Hanbean (don't ask), Wellie (from my maiden name), Tits (you don't need to ask).

O-Overnight hospital stays:
Once when I was 5 to have cyst removed from my foot (it turned out to be a veruca and got a Tiny Tears for being a brave girl).  Several overnight stays after having a C Section with girl 1 and maybe 2 nights after girl 2 as I was horribly anemic)

P-Pet peeves:
Many of these.  People that drop rubbish.  People who brake for no reason.  People who stop dead in front of you on the pavement (used to get serious pedestrian rage when I had to commute up to London). People that whistle aimlessly (ie no tune in particular).  Cashiers in shops or banks who chat too much & hold up the queue (don't they know I have a tiny window to get these things done?!).  Sales people who phone up and launch into a spiel without introducing themselves first.  In fact any cold caller on the phone or at the front door (why do they always knock when it's children's meal /bath/bed/story time?)  and probably many many more things - sorry grumpy old woman)

Q-Quote from a film:
'You're so money and you don't even know it'  Swingers
'What about Prom, Blaine?' Pretty in Pink
'How dare you call me inhumane!' Withnail & I
'I carried a watermelon?' Dirty Dancing (guilty pleasure)

R-Right or left handed:
Right handed

Two sisters.  My older sister is 5 & a half years older.  She works in TV & has 3 children (2 girls and a boy).  My twin sister is the same age as me (!) and has a girl. 
I say my twin sister is the same age as me as my mother has been known to introduce me to people as her middle child!  During a conversation with her about middle child syndrome she honest to god said to me 'I never had any of those problems with you'...THAT'S BECAUSE I AM THE JOINT YOUNGEST!!

T-Time you wake up:
Usually about 6.30am (whenever the small girl alarm goes off really)

Being 'overly blessed' it's underwired all the way. 

V-Vegetable you hate:
I'm not sure about this as I really like vegetables.  I don't really like cooked celery but like it raw (particularly as someone once told me you burn more calories eating it than are in it!) and I have to be the right mood to eat tomato (but that's a fruit anyway)

W-What makes you run late:
Small children & trying to do too much.  If I have 20 minutes to be somewhere I will be on time.  Give me an hour and 20 and I will ALWAYS be late as I'll probably try & squeeze in putting another wash on.

X-X rays you've had:
Little finger on my left hand which I broke when I was about 7 (hair line fracture) I remember having it strapped up & trying to do my piano lesson. 
Thumb on my left hand which I shut in a door at my 18th birthday party (didn't break it but it absolutely killed). 
My teeth at the dentist?  Does that count?

Y-Yummy food that you make
Roast Lamb with sweet spices (my Dad's recipe, it's gorgeous)
Chicken pesto nuggets which adults & children both loves
I love baking so many many sweet things, melt in the middle truflfes which I will probably make again for Christmas. 
Sweet Onion Jam, another Christmas make. 
Chocolate & Banana loaf, new recipe & recent obsession.

Z-Zoo animal:
Elephants.  I love them.  I used to collect them (not real ones obviously) when I was younger and I still fascinated by them.  I think they are beautiful.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

You're my obsession....

I was chatting with my mother yesterday who declared, that me & my sister B both 'have quite obsessive personalities'. 


I can see it in my sister who has just purchased a 3rd outfit from ebay for a wedding at the weekend and is fixated by the Slimming World diet, just 2 of her current obsessions.  When we were younger she became fixated on the whole MADchester scene & would be 'listen to this, listen to this' all the time.  Me, being a whole hearted irritated by it all declared I hated it & wouldn't listen (despite secretly quite liking The Happy Mondays).

I'm NOTHING like that I argued (whilst sorting through my sewing bag), and happened upon the 13 odd sock monkeys I sewed earlier this year - erm....I should probably try & sell these or something, several half sewn ones and about another 15 pairs of socks...In my defence, I argued I did sell some of these & I was trying to generate some income from them, at one point I looked into setting up a website to sell them.  See, I had good reason to spend any spare moment with socks & needle and thread in hand...

And then I came across my button collection....ah, I said maybe you have a point

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Is it too early for wine?

Mr DOMADQ is away.  ALL WEEKEND.  I have spent  the last couple of days 'dealing' with nits, juggling 2 small girls, diffusing tantrums, rushing around trying to making arrangements for Mr D's looming birthday celebrations, buying presents, wrangle children in shopping centres, encouraging small girls to paint a lovely canvas for Daddy, making pizza dough, assuring my smallest girl that indeed she will get to 'decorate' the pizza as soon as the dough is proved.  Nothing unusual really, just without the grown up chatting really.

Still pizza decorating, cooking & eating to be done, along with bath time and bed  before I can even think about that bottle of wine in the fridge & brain rotting X Factor.  Tunnel vision till then.

Friday, 7 October 2011

I think I luv you

I have an ex boyfriend who used to sign off any notes/birthday cards / postcards with Luv *** (yes I'll save his blushes), our relationship predates text messages, well for me anyway.  He took great pains not to ever tell mention the other L word, so I conclude that his feelings didn't run that deep.  In hindsight it makes me laugh out loud about his use of such appalling spelling but I genuinely think he was scared it that it might have been of construed as some kind of contract...

'But you can't break up with me, you wrote you LOVED me!!'