Saturday, 17 November 2012

My life drama Part 2

So last time on my life drama Mr D had a job, overheard that he was going to be pushed out of said job and then left his job.

So here's what's been happening in the intervening 4 months....

It's strange having someone around all the time when you've been used to them working really long hours, it definitely takes a bit of readjusting.

Mr D took some time to de-stress, god knows he needed it after the year he's had.  He eBayed a lot of stuff that has been clogging up the room we laughably refer to as our 3rd bedroom/the office (this is a room I do not go in & if I'm honest I'd rather the door was kept shut.  Have you ever seen the episode of Friends with Monica's messy cupboard?  Well it's that for Mr D in room shape).  What I find amazing is the amount of stuff that has left our house & yet the office still looks like a shit pit.  

Having wound down we set about spending some quality time together as a family with Daddy doing some of the school runs (but not as much cooking/cleaning as he had initially suggested he would do).  

Mr D then started to train for 'glorified hill walk' of trekking to Everest Base camp with his Dad & brother.  This is something he had committed to last year when he was employed & working for a company who matched donations to a charity of your choice.  Obviously in the intervening months he didn't have a job/company to donate vast amounts of money to charity.  (to this day he will not tell me exactly how much it cost & I'm guessing it's best I don't know.  Although I reserve the right to book 2 & 1/2 weeks away on my own without the children at some point in the future). Anyway amazing thing they achieved & a great thing to be able to share the experience.

So he's back now & he's been looking for work but there hasn't been much about.  But we got some kind of good news this week as he has a job offer - hurrah, but it's in Warwickshire and we live in London - boo.  So the plan is that he is going to take it and live away during the week, coming home for weekends.  Married single parenthood looms again for the foreseeable future.  

I know long term that we will have to find a better solution but with children in school, me working & a house here such a drastic move for all of us right now just doesn't seem practical.  What if this job doesn't work out?  To uproot us all at a drop of a hat for nothing would be totally impractical.  I am under no illusion that this is going to be easy for any of us (although I am daydreaming of us living on jacket potatoes during the week & watching TOWIE without 'Oh we're not watching THIS are we?!'), but we've got to give it a go for now 

Mr D & I had a long distance relationship when we first got together so part of me is thinking 'Oh this again'.  I know he is worried about the strain of being apart but I know we are strong.  We've been together for 16 years, married for 10.  We can do this.  For now.

Who knows where I'll be living this time next year?

All will be revealed in the next instalment of my life drama