Thursday, 29 December 2011

600 page views!!

I feel like this should be accompanied by a fanfare!

I know that compared to some that it's just a drop in the ocean but I am still rather new to all this and so the fact that my writing has been looked at that many times is amazing 

Thank you for stopping by, it means alot


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Avoiding my homework

OK so last week was so extraordinary busy so I had an excuse for not doing my writing homework, hmmn this week I don't think it's going to wash. 

This is ridiculous, this is was I want to do for gods sake but somehow I seem to find my 'free time' retyping notes & reading blogs. Thinking of Ben Elton's stand up about avoiding homework & watching Songs of Praise, have now spent 10 minutes looking for a clip of that to post on here (can't find it!)

Had better stop procrastinating & get on with it.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas all wrapped up...

I think I'm done, I think I'm done - tra la la la la!  Frantic additional present for MR DOMADQ purchased this morning is all I need to wrap now.  I can now relax or start my homework for my writing group (I have the fear I may revert to doing it the night before it's due in!)

Food all purchased.  No more jostling with the crowds.  I AM DONE.

Now all I need to do is remember to get the turkey out of the freezer to defrost...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Blog Swap Goodies

I received my blog swap parcel (arranged through the lovely Lakota at Faith Hope & Charity Shopping)  from the equally lovely Little Dotty Bird earlier this week and felt like a child on Christmas morning.  What gorgeous gorgeous things she had sent for me.  Packaged with it's very own snow & surrounded by glitzy baubles and chocolate santas (which I had to fight girls 1 & 2 for).

Look what I got! 
goodies just for me

A note book to carry with me for writing ideas, birdhouse hair clip holder (no more frantic searching on a Monday morning whilst trying to round up 2 girls)

 glitzy bird tree ornament, gorgeous hearts, a little piece of the beach for me (bag of shells) 

I can daydream of the seaside

AND a wonderful sock monkey book for inspiration.

These have definitely inspired me to make some friends for these fellas

(I did mention I had a sock monkey obsession)

Along with all these was a personalised card adorned with RPatz which made me guffaw. 

(I am like a superhero, I have to keep my identity secret ;)

Thank you thank you Dotty for such thoughtful presents.  It's amazing to think that I until a few weeks ago we hadn't 'met' and yet you've chosen so well.  I really enjoyed this swap, piecing together what kind of things to get & parcelling it all up (& not to mention receiving this one!), I'll definitely do it again. xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

I think therefore I write...

I joined a writing group yesterday and am so glad I did. 

I'll let you in on a little secret, I want to write, you know, properly for a job and everything.  But I find it hard to find the words (which if you know me will know how ironic that is being that I rarely stop talking). I doubt I have anything of worth to say. 

So yesterday, in my favourite coffee shop I sat with my teacher/mentor/new friend? and began.  It being a new group I was the only member (thus far) but that was good because I am still pretty shy about writing and reading my words aloud, along with critiquing others work.

I was really nervous before it started but there, sat sipping gingerbread lattes we began.  And I wrote!  I wrote several things on demand, for 10 minutes at a time.  And although I am not entirely sure if what I did write was any good really I have a glimmer of hope that my pipe dream could in fact become a reality..

Saturday, 3 December 2011

School fayre

Christmas fayre at girls 1 & 2's school today.  I feel I deserve a T shirt with 'I Survived the School Christmas Fayre' on it (instead I have a rather fetching tomato red one with the Friends of..... logo on it for the PTA).  Ah, the PTA, it seemed such a good idea when I volunteered to join but the politics of it is incredible and makes me feel like I'm back at school myself (rather then being a 38 year old woman), but that in itself is a whole other post.

I spend several hours lugging boxes / setting up this morning.  Then 3 mad hours manning a game involving buttons and accidently breaking a bottle of wine intended as a grown up prize - embarrassed moi? (my face was a red as my T-shirt).  Then another hour lugging boxes and tidying. 

I am now fit for nothing but a glass of wine and mind rotting TV.  (ah and Mr DOMADQ is out tonight so I will get to do just that without 'Urgh, we're NOT watching THIS are we?!').

X Factor here I come.

Speeling nistakes

OMG just been looking back at previous posts - how many spelling mistakes?!  Have been frantically correcting them.

Note to self: proof read before publishing





Friday, 2 December 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad's birthday. He died of a heart attack in 1998. He would have been 69 today. 

He was a kind, generous, gregarious man who could also be infuriating at times. 

I miss him so much but I can see him whenever I look in the mirror, I really look like him.  When he first died it was hard to look in a mirror.

I also see glimpses of him in his 6 grandchildren (which unfortunately he didn't get to meet).

Happy Birthday Daddy.  I miss you.