Wednesday, 3 April 2013

picture perfect

I've been having a sort out at home.  On Sunday me & my mum started sifting through 2 huge cardboard boxes of photos I have with the view to putting them into albums. What a strange outdated concept that is these days, the only albums I've put together in recent years is on Facebook.  

It's amazing how many I have not in albums & I kept thinking how did I afford to buy film/get them processed when I was a student?  But am glad I did or I would be without the photographic evidence of our Vicars & Tarts party (so much blackmail potential for so many people) and other drunken moments.
So we looked & remembered & laughed.  I did throw away some (out of focus, blurry self portraits, I even was daring enough to throw away a photo of my sister's ex boyfriend who I hated).  

I then pulled out a pile of great photos and packed the rest back into the boxes (now only a box & a half, see some progress!) and put them away.  Albums will wait for another day.

I then took photos of the select few & posted them on Facebook.  Cue reminiscing & anecdotes from friends.  A productive afternoon then. ;)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

6pm? but in old money it's really only 5pm

So the clocks went forward on Sunday and I don't know about you but when the clocks change in our house we tend to spend he next few days justifying not being hungry/being hungry, being tired/not being tired with pointing out what the time would have been the day before "ah, yes but it's only 6.30 really so that's why the kids don't want to go to bed...".  

It reminds me of how my parents, having lived though the change to the metric system would always tell you the price of things in 'old money'.  "25p that's 5 shillings" and my dad would forever tell us about how "we were done" as 2 old pence and 2 new pence changed in value.  

I was quite relieved when the UK opted out of the Euro as I feared I would forever be telling my children 10 € that's about 8, 7, 6, 5....(well who knows the way things are going) pounds in old money.