Wednesday, 3 April 2013

picture perfect

I've been having a sort out at home.  On Sunday me & my mum started sifting through 2 huge cardboard boxes of photos I have with the view to putting them into albums. What a strange outdated concept that is these days, the only albums I've put together in recent years is on Facebook.  

It's amazing how many I have not in albums & I kept thinking how did I afford to buy film/get them processed when I was a student?  But am glad I did or I would be without the photographic evidence of our Vicars & Tarts party (so much blackmail potential for so many people) and other drunken moments.
So we looked & remembered & laughed.  I did throw away some (out of focus, blurry self portraits, I even was daring enough to throw away a photo of my sister's ex boyfriend who I hated).  

I then pulled out a pile of great photos and packed the rest back into the boxes (now only a box & a half, see some progress!) and put them away.  Albums will wait for another day.

I then took photos of the select few & posted them on Facebook.  Cue reminiscing & anecdotes from friends.  A productive afternoon then. ;)

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