Monday, 6 May 2013

Claims to fame part 3 (this has surely got to be the last one...)

Well hello, it's been a while hasn't it?  Life has been getting in the way a bit but thought I really should get back into this blogging malarkey.  

I've realised I'm getting nowhere with my 40 before I'm 40 challange & so I've spent the last few days looking into how I'm going to organize a kick ass party. That's a huge headache isn't it as trying to co-ordinate dates with friends holidays & I think some people that I really want to be there aren't going to be able to make it.  And then there's the whole dilemma of kids/no kids?  My biggest girl gave me sad eyes when I floated the idea of a grown ups only party but I'm really liking the idea of taking off my mummy badge for a night & letting my hair down...

Anyway, following my claims to fame part one & two I have managed to scrap the bottom of the barrel and dredge up some more claims to fame to complete my trilogy of blog posts

1.  Joan Collins was in front of me in a queue in the food hall in M&S Marble Arch.  Well technically she was 2 people ahead of me but the woman in front of me freaked out when she saw who it was & ran off (leaving her shopping on the conveyor belt).

2. Saw Willem Dafoe in a dim sum restaurant in Soho looking like himself.

3.  Peter Purvis refused my offer to iron his shirts

4. Buster Bloodvessle from Bad Manners going into a bank.

5. Nicky Campbell - took himself too seriously

6. Alasdair Stewart - loud & very friendly

7. Carol Volderman -she did her own make up (& was very orange)

8. I saw Geoff Capes open a May fair when I was a kid

9. Ruby Wax & Gary Rhodes who were filming a sketch together for comic relief.  You could tell she hated him.

10. Met Mick Brown who played "Rush Hour" by Jane Wiedlin as a request for me & my sister

 remember this one?

11.  I was factious to Andy Crane when I was about 15

16.  Saw the band James in a BBC tea bar

17. Met Stephanie Lowe (Mrs Phillip Schofield), Andi Peters & Simon Parkin who used to present 'But First This'

18. Jimmy Carr took the piss out of me because I laughed too loud & too long at a joke about cystitis.

19. Ben Shepherd said hello to me on some rushes I was transcribing

20. I ignored Caroline Aherne in reception at ITV

21. I saw Brenda Blethyn outside a pub in South East London

22. I worked with Ricky Grover who was an audience warm up man but he later played Andrew Cotton in Eastenders

23. A actress who auditioned for a student production of mine & I didn't cast for the project went on to be in  Queer as Folk & Spooks (obviously crushed by my rejection).

I think that has got to be that for now.  But what are your claims to fame?  The dodgier the better as far as I'm concerned xx


  1. Hmm, here's a few:

    1. I used to drink with Buster Bloodvessel when he was in town (he liked tequila)

    2. I once chatted to Tom Baker in Smiths

    3. I shared a carriage on the Manchester train with Bucks Fizz (they looked like brightly coloured aliens!)

    1. now the question is did they rip their skirts off mid journey?
      Tequila with Buster Bloodvessel sounds like fun x