Friday, 25 May 2012

Song for a sunny Friday afternoon

I heard this on the radio earlier, it never fails to make me smile x

strange dream

I dreamt the other night that I was at a gallery looking at an art instillation consisting of a plate of fish fingers.  I was so hungry I ate one.  Am wondering what it means...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

First dance

I power walked to work this morning (who am I kidding? I ambled) plugged into the iPod & stumbled across an album I hadn't listened to for ages.

Songs from Northern Britain by Teenage Fanclub.  So beautifully melodic and so so Scottish (have always been partial to that accent).  I suddenly remembered that I had wanted one of their songs for the first dance at my wedding.  I reminded Mr DOMADQ & he said 'Oh yeah, I love that song'.  So why didn't we have it? 

I guess it might have been vetoed by my mother (I know she turned her nose up at One by U2 as no-one would know it!).  It was nearly 10 years ago but I do remember it took a while to decide the song, almost as important as the dress, we had to have the right song.  It had to be something that we loved, that would stand the test of time ie nothing to of the moment and most importantly something we could actually dance to...

Songs from the shortlist included

Teenage Fanclub as mentioned before.  I think 10 years deserves a party, this song will definitely feature on the play list if we do have one.

One by U2 -who? ;)

Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye as we decided we wouldn't dance decently to it in front of my grandparents

Flowers in the Window by Travis - dismissed by Mr D as dirge, I think it's really uplifting.  And I love the words, listen to them, go on, they're lovely.

So, what was the first dance?  Well in the end we chose the first 3 songs & danced to all of them together.  As per usual it is eclectic but I think it kind of summed us up.

1.  The Look of Love by Dusty Springfield

2. The Female of the Species by Space

3. Daytripper by The Beatles

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Song for a Tuesday afternoon

I have this song stuck in my head.  At risk of sounding like an old fogey, I can't understand half of what she's singing, but who cares?  I love it, I love the attitude, it makes me smile.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The letters I never sent

At the weekend we were sorting out the loft & I came across an old hat box of letters.  Thinking they might have some thing in them to spark my creative writing I settled down on Sunday and started to read.  There was much in there, from old friends and lost friends.  Letters from my husband and from ex boyfriends. 

Among them I found several letters which were to one person in particular, in which I have ever so articulately laid out my feelings, but hadn't been brave enough to actually send them to him. 

It's funny reading these with the luxury of hindsight, knowing exactly what was going to unfold next.  My mood varies in each from begging to apology and then absolute bloody rage. 

When I read the letters I feel so sad for that girl, the girl who is apologising.  I know this story too well and how it will end.  I want to put my arms around her and tell her it is OK, and she's not a nutcase (despite the implication from the other party that her behaviour has been unreasonable). I also want to tell her that he really isn't worth it and that there is someone so much better, kinder, funnier and altogether more loving just around the corner.

And I was absolutely right as all of these letters have been great starting points for my writing.  The three letters alone I have worked into 'found' poems.  I am working up an idea for a short story & also I have got this blog post out of it.

Re-reading the poems I have worked on it struck me as somewhat ironic as the man in question once talked scathingly about an ex of his who owned cats & wrote poetry.  Obviously he is a great muse for poetry then. ;)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Let them drink Bolly

When I got married a friend of my shiny new husband gave us a bottle of fancy pants champagne and 2 glasses.  Cool present we thought (it took us ages to work out who it was from as he had omitted to put a label on it).

I love Champagne, so grown up and yet the bubbles give it a slightly childlike, giddy quality (or is that just me?).

 Not wanting to 'waste' a bottle of Bollinger we held onto it for a 'special occassion'. For some reason our marriage was discounted as such a special occasion and we opened different bottles when both our children were born.  One of the glasses was broken years ago but the bottle has sat, at the back of the cupboard gathering dust.

Anyone who knows me will know that 'saving things for best' is simply not me.  Unlike my mum who is from a generation where you do save new things for a special occassion I am of the option of whats the point of having things if you're not going to use them?  You could get hit by a bus tomorrow, live for now.

Almost 10 years on from receiving the bottle it now seems like we have built it up too much, what would be 'special' enough to get us to open it?

Mr DOMADQ fears he might lose his job, I mused maybe we open it if/when that happens to signify a new beginning (he HATES his job, something that is mentioned on an almost daily basis and so I think maybe it would be something to be celebrated) or our looming 10 year anniversary might be the occasion...

Having waited so long to crack it open will it live up to expectations?

I'm gasping for a drink