Sunday, 24 July 2011

breakdown in communication

My beautiful new(ish) phone is broken.
Obviously I have no insurance for it so there is no new phone for free :(
I want to cry.  I did this, I am an idiot.  Rationally I know it’s just a thing but it is my thing & in my world there aren’t that many of those really these days.
Mr DOMADQ has quite rightly pointed out I still have my old phone so all is not lost but (and I feel like I am adopting a teenage whinge) Facebook isn’t working on it and neither is the internet.  Obviously neither are life threatening ailments but still…..*sticks out bottom lip*
Being my hero Mr D has just rushed off into town to try & buy me a new one.  He says he’s not cross with me (but I would be), I do know he wishes I could ‘just make do with what I have at the moment’ and I’m not really certain why I can’t because that would definitely be the sensible thing to do.  But am not feeling sensible, am feeling like  a teenage 37 year old and I am sulking.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Your name was DEBORAH....

I went to see Pulp at Hyde Park last week and came to the following conclusions:

1.  They are still amazing live. 

2. Even though Jarvis now has a beard I still would.

3.  I definately do not like crowds (this was compounded by 2 dickheads behind me who I seriously contemplated whether I would be able to 'have them' if need be - on reflection I still maintain I would)

4.  Bar Italia is my all time favourite Pulp song (but would have loved to have heard Lipgloss)

5. Despite feeling 22 again whilst moshing in the crowd I definately am not any more (and then felt 102 on Monday morning)