Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Officially Christmas

24th December 2004

In my fabric cell I'm returning things to my hospital bag when my mobile rings.  I gingerly try to retrieve it before disturbing the other women on the ward.  I move with the ease of a woman who's just been sawn in half.  The scar on my stomach throbs and shock has stopped my legs from working properly.

In the clear plastic cot by my bed is my little pink bundle with masses of black hair - my nan was right, heartburn did mean a hairy baby.

My phone located I see it's my sister and when I answer it she says to me 'Can you hear it?'  At her end she turns the music up in her kitchen & I hear Jona Lewis singing his famous Christmas song.  'Can you hear it?' she repeats. 'Yes' I reply, 'it's Christmas'.  'Had you heard it before?' my big sister asks.  'No' I replied 'I thought Christmas had been cancelled this year'.  'No it hasn't' she sobbed 'and you've given us all the best present'.

For as long as I can remember Jona Lewie has meant it's Christmas.  The least Christmassy of Christmas songs about troops in the trenches in WWI it just resonates with me. 

I remember my nan making us all get down on the floor to do the 'Oops upside your head' dance to it

I remember the desaturated 80s video

I remember being with my mate Phil driving home from university for Christmas & playing on the radio. 

'It's officially Christmas' I declare once I have heard it.

I didn't know that my sister felt the same about it until a few years ago but it's a tradition now.  We text each other to say 'Radio 2 now, Jona Lewie'.  I got a text from her yesterday telling me that she's heard half of it now so it's a fraction Christmas.

Listening to it on CD is OK (as I am doing right now), but an impromptu broadcast makes it official.

It's Christmas

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Blog Swap 2012

Amongst the madness that is December I have had some very special moments.  Last night was fish, chips & fizz at my sister's house with my Mum & sisters (& kids) celebrating what would have been my parents 46th wedding anniversary.  My sister's husband is working away for the next 4 months, my other sister's husband was working late & Mr D of course is in a different county.  But despite the missing men we had a lovely evening.  It's been such a long time with it being just us.  Having just got a car for me at the weekend, my first EVER, I offered to go with my sister to collect the food.  We then realized it was the first time ever I had driven her which for some reason was a hysterical prospect I'm nearly 40 for god's sake!).

Another gem amid work, home, frantic making/buying/ignoring the wrapping of presents, attempting to write Christmas cards,  nativity's etc etc I received an amazing parcel from the lovely Miss Tea as part of the Christmas Blog Swap arranged by lovely Lakota at Faith Hope & Charity Shopping



I love doing these blog swaps.  I was trying to explain to my sister what they are last night.  It's such a nice way to get to know other bloggers & it's fun (& a little nerve wracking to see if you've got it right yourself).  I always find it incredible how strangers seem to get me more (sometimes more than people that know me do).  So lucky me, wrapped in gorgeous paper I unwrapped...




 Thank you Miss Tea, what an amazing parcel.  Yours went in the post this week, I hope you like it! x

Monday, 10 December 2012

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake...

I've been a bit quiet lately, which really is not like me.  

Life is hectic at the moment what with work, kids, singleparenthood (in the week) let alone Christmas.  My smallest girl has been testing me (to say the least) over the past fortnightI'm not sure if it's the change in our circumstances or just the time of year (I  call it endoftermitis as behavior always seemed to deteriorate as holidays loomed - it was like their way of saying enough already, I'm tired!).

Anyhoo her behavior has been shockingShouting, screaming, pinching, name calling.  I have tried to point out that Father Christmas IS watching and how tragic it would be if at this late stage of the year she was to accidentally slip onto the naughty list.  As we point out every year Daddy once knew of someone who ended up on the naughty list and got nothing.  How sad.
I'm not convinced this approach is working with my girl.  She's grumpy & the thought of no presents seems to add fuel to the fire.

So I resorted to using the Portable North Pole.  I know, I know I'm coming late to the party but how great is it?!

 So by adding in just a few details & uploading a picture my girls got messages from Santa (watched separately obviously as my eagle eyed girls would surely notice that they are pretty much the same)It seemed to sprinkle a bit more magic into the air.  Having Father Christmas tell you that you are on the good list but you have to try a bit harder (for girl 2) may just help to sway things over the next few weeks (fingers crossed).

Obviously my smallest girl watched it & immediately asked 'Was that real?' (to which the immediate response was 'Of course').  

My bigger girl who is almost 8 & rapidly approaching the time where she'll no longer believe (she's already told me of people in her class who don't, whereby she incredulously replied 'Do you really think your Mum & Dad could afford the expensive things Father Christmas brings?!').  The seeds of doubt are definitely there though.  Whilst talking about what we'll be leaving out on Christmas Eve (shortbread in this house as Father Christmas doesn't like Mince Pies - Mrs Christmas does though)

Biggest girl - I think we should leave 2 bits out this year
Me - Really?
Biggest girl - Yes one for Mrs Christmas too

Love her.