Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy Monday Everyone

Have been absolutely wiped out for most of last week with horrendous lurgey & HAD to get up today & get back to work & back to everyday life. 

My day turned out pretty good.  Firstly a text of mine being read out on the radio first thing this morning - about something extremely banal but still it made me smile waaaay more than it should have reasonably.  That made the school run this morning less painful, that and the fact we all seemed to get up at about 6am so were ridiculously early and therefore there was no need for the PUT YOUR SHOES ON voice to come out of the box.

And then later I received an email from undomesticated goddess to tell me that I had won her blog giveaway - hoorah!  Now I await a parcel for me & not Mr DOMADQ (it will shock the postman), how exciting. 

Amazing how little things can really make a difference in your day ;)