Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hello, is there anybody out there....?

Wow, 299 views of my blog to date (that can't just be me looking at it) not bad since I a) only have 2 followers and b) am a bit too shy to tell my friends where I have hidden this away!  

So I am trying to be brave and have gradually started telling people that I am writing, am just a little scardy of it, you know, being out there (so no posts on Facebook about it yet).

So whoever is reading this, hello and welcome.  You never know the more people follow the braver I may become...

Friday, 25 November 2011

Starter for 10

Quiz night at the school tonight.  Am not expecting to win (my secret weapon - friend who was once on 'Eggheads' is unavailable) but it's a night out with friends so should be fun.  Mr DOMADQ is even coming too on a rare night out together - hoorah.

Reminds me that we met at a pub quiz when I was at university, being a friend of friends he was on our team.  Despite all his declaring 'I know this one, I know this one!' he knew none of the answers but was very endearing and flirty.  The only thing I won that night was a future husband but it was highly amusing skipping out of the bar with a new boy in tow.

Am not convinced that we'll be winning any prizes tonight but I do have a bottle of wine chilling to take with us (should I be concerned that so many of my posts involve wine?) and  fish & chips for dinner means no cooking tonight so for me it's a win win.  And I get to take my boy home with me again...

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest

Mr DOMADQ is out tonight & I am planning a quiet night in.  Wanting to avoid 'Children in Need' (a really really great cause but really don't think I'd be able to withstand the cringe factor of watching the cast from Eastenders singing a Queen medley), I have other plans.  There is an open bottle of wine in the fridge & a very good friend of mine has leant me the 2nd Twilight film, 'New Moon' and it will be all mine to watch once 2 x small girls are in bed.  A complete guilty pleasure.  

RPattz is very easy on the eye & although I am old enough to be his *cough* older sister, I may allow myself a swoon or two.

I have only read / watched the 1st film in the 'Saga' and despite being incredibly flawed I can see the appeal to young girls and middle aged women alike.  My sister surmised that girls yearn for what they are yet to experience and woman are yearning for what they will never have again, first love.

Tosh it may yet turn out to be, but I cannot wait. 

Friday, 4 November 2011

grumpy mama

I wonder what my children will remember about me when they are older.  Will it be the stories I read, songs I have sung, games we have played or cakes we have baked together....or will it be when I have to get the shouty voice out  in the mornings attempting to get them to school on time, when I bellow at them to go to bed or the stand up arguments about doing homework?

In a perfect world I would always be there to listen, to play, would want to hear about Moshi Monsters in minute detail.  I would WANT to read all of the Rainbow Fairy books, want to sing the same songs over and over and over again.  There would be no shouting and more listening.

But I'm tired and it's hard work isn't it, life.  Tomorrow I will be better.