Monday, 8 August 2011

the art of a heartbreak mix tape

I heard Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts' the other night on my way home from Tescos and was taken by the line 'you're going to catch a cold from the ice inside your soul' which sprang out from the dirge...

So I google it & I watched the video

so marvellously melodramtic with a heart broken Christina watching a dementor of an ex boyf sucking the hearts out of various generic girls with a kiss, which is pretty awful in itself and then they start doing the expressive dance section of the promo - I nearly wet myself.

It reminded me of teenage angst and lost loves.  Many a times I've compiled a mix tape to convey my sorrow & then played it over and over to torture myself further.  Mr DOAMADQ had no idea what I was talking about when I said 'you know, when you listen to music to make youself cry...' No?  Just me then...

Top of my last tear stained tape was the Cranberries take your pick from No Need to Argue or Linger, Sinaead O'Connor's Nothing Compares , what ever was 'our' song would definately have featured too...

If I had to compile a weapy 'playlist' (how modern) today what would I put on it? Hmmn, am not sure if Christina Perri would make it.  However, Adele's  'Someone Like You' would would have to be there.  Such a beautifuly haunting song it makes me cry with empathy almost every time I listen to it. 

Now pass me some tissues & where are my jazz shoes? I feel some expressive dance moves coming on...


  1. Argh - just watched! She's got a bit bored with the old magic markers hasn't she? Sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to 'The Crow' or more recently 'The vampire diaries'. Hmm, now what was on my 'depressing' tape? (yes I really labelled it like that!)

  2. Have been trying to remember what was on my last 'blue' tape (yes I really did label it like that) and think the following may have been on it
    Creep - Radiohead (obviously I was worthless)
    Everybody Hurts - REM (love love love this song, always reduces me to tears - want it played at my funeral to make sure everyone crys)
    What do I do now? - Sleeper (self explanitory)
    All the time in the world - Louis Armstrong (this was kind of 'our song' due to it being used on a Guiness commercial back in the mid 90s)
    You got me thinking - The Beloved (for indeed he had)
    By My Side - INXS (I wish he was, I wish he was...)
    Return to Innocence - Enigma (I am truly blushing at this last one. The entire album was kind of filed under 'our songs'. Threw the cassette of it out a few years back)

    am sure there was far more dirge as I would have had a whole 2 sides of a cassette to fill up...